Mission Statement

The mission of the MSGA, as an association of Member Clubs, is to represent, promote and serve the best interests of golf in Maine.

In 2016, we will be conducting more than 120 days of tournament golf for players of many ability levels. We also offer USGA GHIN Handicapping services through our member clubs, as well as course ratings of member golf courses, and golf education. We serve as the State of Maine’s official representative of the United States Golf Association

The control and management of the MSGA and its activities are entrusted to the Board of Directors, whose policies are implemented by the MSGA staff. The directors are elected every year at the annual meeting, held in October, by member club representatives. Club representatives, who act as the voice of their clubs to the MSGA, may bring any ideas, suggestions for changes, questions or comments to the annual meeting for discussion and possible consideration. The MSGA staff is always available as a resource for club representatives as well.

The MSGA is represented at many clubs by a MSGA Player Representative, a player who takes part in MSGA events and promotes the MSGA at the local level, and assists the MSGA staff in obtaining volunteers and handling some logistics when the MSGA brings an event to that club. Propsective players can join the MSGA through their Player Rep for just $25.

Membership in the MSGA is available to any golf club or association in Maine meeting acceptable USGA standards. Individual membership in the MSGA is also available and helps us to meet our mission of promoting golf. For more information on becoming a member of the MSGA as a club, please contact our office. We would be more than happy to welcome you and your club as members.