Club Licensing

The USGA Handicap System Licensing Program for Clubs is a requirement for all clubs in the United States wishing to utilize the USGA Handicap System™. In order to provide handicapping, a club that is a member club of the authorized golf association in its area (MSGA), must sign an agreement with the authorized golf association to use it's handicap service (GHIN).

The USGA Handicap Department is launching a new online initiative to assess the educational awareness of the USGA Handicap System™. This initiative, in partnership with the Maine State Golf Association, replaces the seminar and quiz requirement from the 2012-2015 cycle.

The assessment will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will be accessed using the link provided at the bottom of this memo. A current handicap manual is required to take the survey. If you do not have one, please contact the MSGA and one will be provided to you. We ask that a representative from the licensed golf club, preferably the Handicap Chairperson, complete this assessment and provide a candid response to each section.

Upon completing this survey the club will receive an email confirming completion of the assessment as well as a summary of your responses. We appreciate your efforts to complete this requirement no later than May 31, 2016. By completing this assessment, the USGA and the MSGA will be able to measure a golf club’s functioning knowledge of important aspects of the USGA Handicap System and provide the opportunity for the golf club to receive additional support in any area that the club may require supplemental training.

To access the assessment survey click this link:

As always, we appreciate your support for the USGA Handicap System and the MSGA.

For more information contact Don Doyon at

For complete information on licensing and handicap certification, visit the USGA website at: and view topics such as: